I have taught courses and independent sections, both online and in-person, at the University of Virginia, Montana State University, and the University of Montana. My teaching interests center in American Politics and social science research design and methodology. I have developed syllabi for multiple courses, including Introduction to American Politics, Political Psychology, Race and Ethnic Politics, Campaigns and Elections, Public Opinion and Mass Media, Political Geography, and Principles of Political Research. A selection of syllabi are linked above.


Teaching Evaluations Overview. Includes all 148 evaluations through Spring 2019. (please click image to view completely)


what my students have said about my teaching

"Kal was extremely helpful regarding my particular research project. Without Kal I really cant see my project turning out as well as it did. I had several one on one meetings with Kal that not only helped my project but most importantly sparked my interest in the subject of public opinion. Kal is passionate and extremely helpful and overall one of the smartest most interesting TA's I have had at my time in college. I look forward to taking classes with Kal in the future."

"I would absolutely recommend Kal to other students. He is helpful and if you are behind with bend over backwards to help you catch up and feel comfortable. His class is intellectually stimulating and fascinating and forces the subject to really grasp all of your interest."

"Kal was extremely approachable and clearly cared about my research project and always remembered what I was researching when I met with him about it. He clearly knew the topic area well and when I started having to use R and RStudio for an internship and was having troubles, I was going to go see Kal and ask for help."

"Using the R software was especially difficult for me, as I had never used it before, and Kal took the time during and outside of his office hours to walk me through each line of coding, how to do it, and how to interpret it. He always gave helpful feedback and responded to every email (sometimes at 1 in the morning to make sure he got back to me)."

"Kal was helpful and kind to all of the students and treated everyone fairly. He welcomed everyone to talk and discuss in section."

"Kal is the best. So helpful."

“Every meeting was carefully designed to help us attain the most information on the topic of the week. He never promoted students to speak just for the sake of speaking, but rather presented theories and claims that caused students to want to speak up and present their view. There was always a straightforward, organized powerpoint and freedom for discussion.”

“Mr. Munis never presented any ideological preference nor did he make students feel obliged to speak on behalf of one party or the other. He was merely a vessel of discussion, attempting to spark interest on political topics. If he did go into one viewpoint, he would always discuss the counter viewpoint just as thoroughly. I felt safe when speaking on my viewpoint as I knew there was no judgement.”

"I would highly recommend Kal. As I have said before, Kal is very helpful during discussions, office hours, and via email. He responds promptly via email and genuinely cares for and wants to help students succeed. He also provides helpful and clear comments for areas for improvement on all assignments."

"Kal made himself available to address any concerns I had about my project and was encouraging all along the way. Whenever anyone in discussion section had a question about their research, Kal always put genuine thought into his answers and provided insightful guidance that everyone could take advantage of."

"He held open office hours for longer than he scheduled to give very specific and detailed help on projects."

"He was absolutely incredible. A huge help for my project from start to finish"

"Kal Munis was extremely helpful in both my specific research project, as well as those of my classmates ... Kal was extremely helpful in answering specific questions, as well as in guiding the overall research process."

"Kal was so much help with my research project. I met with him every step of the way. I was unable to come during his office hours, so he made extra time to see me, which was very helpful. He also responded to my emails promptly with specific instructions, even in the middle of the night. He helped me write the code to analyze my survey data. There is no way I could have succeeded in my project without Kal's guidance. He was great."

"Kal is a wonderful teacher assistant. This semester he has been incredible with helping me along with my research project. He understands that we are new with research and is able to explain the process very clearly on a basic level. He has given me great ideas for the final paper, as well as even taken the time to help find sources and generate ideas for my topic outside of us meeting together. I hit a dilemma far into the project, but Kal helped to solve my problem so much so that everything worked out without much change. I have taken discussion with him for two semesters and hope to have the chance to be in section with him again in the future."

"He helped so much with my coding for my project, taught me how to use R, and was readily available to meet both during and outside of office hours."

"Kal helped me tremendously during my research project. He helped me with every step of the way especially when I had difficulty in specific aspects such as working on R and analyzing my data."

"Kal is great at explaining exactly what we should do without doing our work for us. His criticism is always fair, relevant, and useful."

"Kal gave great, insightful feedback when I met with him individually about the various stages of my research paper."

"Kal did a fantastic job preparing students for the research project. He made goals and steps very clear to students, and was very helpful with data analysis. He also made himself very available with office hours and individual appointments, and was more than happy to help out with any problems along the way. I think most students would agree, especially those conducting independent research for the first time, that this project would have been near impossible without his support."

“Mr. Munis always allowed diverging points of view and he himself would take many stances on topics just so we could see how the arguments work on either side. Students were treated fairly and called on equally.”

“I absolutely recommend Mr. Munis to other students. For me, he was such an incredibly help when it came to writing my papers. I've often struggled with writing throughout the course of my academic year and he was quick to help in anyway he could. Brian has helped me become a better, more efficient writer and I'm sure I speak for a majority of the other students he taught.”

"He was readily available whenever I emailed him to meet. He was flexible and met with me outside of his set office hours 3 times during the semester. It was exceptionally helpful to have him willing to meet and talk through my project. "

"Kal was extremely helpful with my research project. He was flexible to meet outside of office hours and very quick to respond to emails about the project which helped facilitate my progression in the assignment ... He was very thoughtful and took the time to really evaluate and understand my project so he could knowledgeably give me advice and guidance. This was the first big research project I've ever done and I honestly don't know how successful I would have been without Kal's help."

"Kal was great every step of the way! I generally don't go to office hours, but I went to one of the first in this class and Kal was so helpful that I came back a few more times. He answered all my questions thoroughly and helped me brainstorm as well as along the way."

"I can't overstate how much Kal's knowledge and experience with politics and projects like the one we did in this course were displayed in class and in office hours."

"He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about all areas of American politics."

"He will go out of his way to make sure you feel comfortable with the assignments and gives great advice on how to improve."

"Kal was one of the most helpful TAs at UVA. He was really flexible, always graded and returned work very quickly, and helped me understand course material better."

"He was one of the most helpful TA's I've had so far at UVA."

"I highly recommend Mr. Munis. He is well versed in what he teaches, he connects with his students, and gives good insight and instruction.”

“He was very open to all views and never forced his own view on anyone. He played devil’s advocate to any idea at times to help us learn more.”

"I like how he really stuck to the rubric and graded you fairly and as objectively as possible, given the format of the papers. I never felt like I was being graded unfairly because he set the criteria out explicitly."

"Kal was awesome at hosting office hours that were informative and helpful. He was readily available, and my research project was much better because of his assistance."

"He is very smart and knowledgeable and helped guide me a lot with my research and get on the right track"

"Definitely welcomed alternative viewpoints and treated everyone fairly. I don't even know his own views because he welcomed everyone's"

"Kal was respectful of all viewpoints and encouraged friendly discussion while keeping his own contributions neutral."

"I never felt like I couldn't express any alternative viewpoints in class. He was fair to all students."

"He was very accommodating to his students' time and needs. He also gave great feedback"

"He was very helpful and approachable. I hope I get to work with him again in the future"

"Very nice, knowledgable, and encourages students to think outside the box and take pride in their work."

"Kal is genuine, helpful, and well-read. He has made an excellent teaching assistant."

"Kal welcomes alternative views-he always asked for two sides and if no one did then he would play the other side"

"very knowledgeable on topics and engaging in discussion. Loved how he diversified discussions (videos, powerpoints, debates, lectured)"

"He is a great guy, is clearly very knowledgable, and was very helpful with papers"

“Knew all of the material extremely well. Effective at making me think. Very good at articulating all points of view.”

“Mr. Munis is very attuned in judging the points in the discussion which need little clarification and those which need a considerable amount of elaboration. Moreover, Mr. Munis is, of course, incredibly knowledgeable in the course material. With these two traits combined, Mr. Munis is able to provide an excellent discussion section and, therefore, is able to make the discussion both informative and lively.”

“Kal was extremely helpful whenever I went for help in office hours. He facilitated our conversations in a way that I felt I was getting the help I needed without him simply giving me a simple answer that wouldn't require any thought on my part.”

“Strengths-Very engaged and knowledgeable. Weakness-None that I can think of.”

“Kal had helpful office hours and was very helpful with papers, he was engaged in the subject matter and had a genuine passion for politics that really shined through in his discussion.”

“Kal is awesome! I made a point to get into his section for a class next semester because he makes discussion that enjoyable and HELPFUL. Of all my TAs, Kal has been the most effective at making me enjoy and learn from a course.”

“Mr. Munis did an excellent job of providing an open atmosphere for all viewpoints. Moreover, if the discussion section were heavily skewed toward one side or another on a topic of discussion, Mr. Munis would encourage those with differing views to express them so that different perspectives could be heard.”

“When Kal would lecture in discussion, his presentations were concise, easy to follow, and he would highlight the key details effectively.”

“I think that he has a gift of analyzing and explaining topics from a broad lens, and then allowing students to formulate their own points of views and ideas that corroborate with other students' ideas.”

“Kal is amazing and was an excellent educator. I would not be able to give a higher endorsement or recommendation of Kal.”

"Really would recommend Kal as a TA for any politics course. I think that he will make a great professor one day."